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Many aspiring and creative individuals having experience and knowledge in clothing and fashion industry are looking for profitable and trending apparel business opportunities and ideas in setting up their own online store and small businesses. We have seen amazing changes in the fashion industry for the last couple of years and this is why the clothing wholesale supply is expanding worldwide across different sectors of the industry including women’s, men’s and children wear.

If you are one of those people who is looking for profitable clothing business ideas, you have come to the right place as we are going to share some of the best online clothes business opportunities and ideas you can start with a low investment. Take a look:

1. Alteration Service

This business opportunity demands for you to have a creative craft mind and sewing skills. With a low investment, you can start an alteration service online, right from the convenience of your own home. You are your own boss so you will decide whether you want to work full time or part-time. This business idea is promising and there is no doubt that you will make lots of money by helping others find and get the perfect outfit. You can create your own website and start offering your alteration service online. You can use your website to upload photos of your creations and see how your clientele responds to it. To do so, you will also need to build your website, and synchronized it with the shopping cart, payment, and inventory, but don't worry, there are a lot of platform out there that have all this features integrated, particularly, we recommend you to check out Shopify, this website builder makes everything work together! It is a great opportunity!

2. Boutique Store

 This is without a doubt one of the most trending and innovative apparel business ideas in the world. We know that there is a lot of competition, but with a unique idea and passion, you can start your own small boutique store and build your way towards success. Most of the boutique owners sell their own creations but don’t worry if you don’t have any design skills, you can always resell clothing. Instead of a traditional website, we suggest you to create an ecommerce store and allow your potential customers to purchase your items directly from there. You don’t know how to create your own ecommerce store? Easy, all you need to do is find clothing websites templates or more specifically clothing ecommerce websites templates and pick the template you like the most. Customize the template according to your needs and that’s it, you can open your online boutique store.

3. Costume Rental

Believe it or not this is a very profitable and successful business idea. You can choose whether you want to sew your own costumes and rent them or you want to buy the costumes and rent them to your clients. By sewing your own costumes, you will be able to offer your clients customized costumes and give them a chance to create their own costumes. You can partner up with theater groups, acting groups, dance groups, schools, and other potential clients that are looking for costume rental services for their acting and stage performances. You can create your own website and offer your costume rental services online. By doing so, you will be able to attract more people and let the word out about your new renting business.

Besides these 3 online clothes business opportunities, you could also open tailoring service online, an online store for t-shirt printing, uniform making, soft toys making, online lingerie shop, maternity clothing, and etc.

There are so many great business opportunities, waiting for you! Take advantage of them now!

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